A spinning side brush cleans along wall edges as counter-rotating brushes pick up dirt, dust, debris and pet hair off from the floor. An efficient vacuum pulls dirt and hair off of Roombas brushes and into the bin.
Optimized airflow pulls hair off Roomba’s brushes and guides it to the back of the AeroVac bin, allowing it to fill more evenly and requiring you to empty it less often.
Roomba automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces, including carpets, hardwood, tile and laminate, as it moves through your home.
Using iRobot’s advanced system of software and sensors, Roomba chooses from dozens of robotic behaviors more than 60 times per second. With iAdapt, Roomba effortlessly gets under and around furniture and along wall edges, going under bed skirts and curtains, avoiding stairs, following walls and navigating through loose wires.
Roomba uses an acoustic sensor to find dirtier areas and then spends more time cleaning them.
A Virtual Wall emits an infrared beam that Roomba will not cross, keeping it in the rooms you want to clean and out of the ones you don’t.